J. Heyrovský Chair popularization activities in autumn 2021

Karolína Simkovičová, Stanislav Valtera and Klaudie Soukupová in cooperation with Květoslava Stejskalová and her PEXED team (Popularization, EXperimental EDUcation) at the Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry participated in educational programs for high scholl students and elementary school pupils.

Molecular gastronomy Valtera

Stanislav Valtera prepared an event dedicated for high school students on the topic of molecular gastronomy – i. e. preparation of the vegetarian caviar or ice cream made with the liquid nitrogen (December 7, 2021)

Molecular gastronomy_2


Karolína Simkovičová helped with the Chemical workshop for pupils aged 8-13 on the topic of separation of substances within the popularization event called “Week of Science” organized by the Czech Academy of Sciences (November 6, 2021). Students analysed pigments in leaves using filtration, extraction and chromatography.