Position opening - Characterization of cluster-based nanocatalyst

Position funded through a EU Research Framework Programme
(Call: ERA H2020-WIDESPREAD-03-2017-ERAChairs)

Job description:

The open positions are part of the research team at the newly established Department of Nanocatalysis, which is focusing on the catalytic properties of supported sub-nanometer size clusters. The new team members will be primarily involved in in situ / operando characterization of cluster-based nanocatalyst, in the design and operation of custom equipment, in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data, and publication of results. We welcome candidates who have extended experience with the characterization of model or industrial catalyst under reaction conditions using synchrotron-based techniques.

General requirements:

  • PhD or equivalent degree in chemistry, physics, chemical engineering or a related field (excepted completion of PhD in 2019 is sufficient);
  • good written and oral communication skills in English.

Specific requirements:

  • experienced with X-ray techniques
  • experienced with the design and operation of custom equipment to test solid catalysts in gas phase reactions;
  • skilled in data acquisition, data analysis and interpretation;
  • experience with in situ / operando characterization of nanoparticulate catalysts using advanced synchrotron-based X-ray techniques, including X-ray scattering or X-ray absorption spectroscopy a plus;
  • experience with surface-sensitive X-ray based characterization techniques or infrared spectroscopy a plus;
  • a good scientific publication record;
  • at least 1 year of research experience.

Expected start of the positions: 1st  June 2019
Duration of the jobs: up to 4 years

Required from the candidate:

CV, cover letter, copies of diplomas or information about the expected date of defence, brief summary of previous research activities and complete list of publications

The application with the required documents must be sent via e-mail to:
natalia.pizemova@jh-inst.cas.cz (manager of the project)

Application deadline: 15th April 2019